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Wange Lu Lab

USC Stem Cell

Lab Overview

Our laboratory focuses on epigenetics and the signaling control of neural stem cell self-renewal and differentiation, and 3D nuclear architecture in pluripotency and somatic cell reprogramming.

Neuron markers in a mouse cortex (Image by Wen-Hsuan Chang)
Embryonic mouse cortex with two different subset of neurons (Image by Wen-Hsuan Chang)
Embryonic mouse cortex with neural stem cells (red) and neurons (green) (Image by Wen-Hsuan Chang)
Human neural stem cells (Image by Wen-Hsuan Chang)
Neural stem cells differentiating in vitro (Image by Wen-Hsuan Chang)
Neurons (Image courtesy of the Wange Lu Lab)
Human embryonic stem cells labeled with red fluorescent protein (Image by Wen-Hsuan Chang)
A look at the chromosome interactions in the cell using FISH (Image by David Shih Yu Huang)